The coolest way for wedding check-in

jcheckin allows you to make online invitations, guest list & gift management easily, check-in become fast & reliable.

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Awesome Design

Responsive webbased apps throughtout every devices or platforms

Always In Connect

It automatically resyncs across all devices in either a local network or internet way.

Easy To Use

Intuitive UI, 3 clicks to get the record, drag & drop updating

Powerful Backend

Real time updating and synchronizing, attendance at a glance

24/7 Support

Live chat so you can independently troubleshoot issues quickly


Professional badges for every attendee, suitable for other events


get record by followings

Get everyone on the same page

Real-time collaboration is an essential part of how we work. And jcheckin, an online check-in app, makes it easier for teams to work together

Asist on e-payment

Minimize cash storing in the reception and make calucation after party in a smoother way

Guest Lists & Seating

Spend less time stuck in spreadsheets. Create, edit, and curate effortlessly for any invite-only event

Recent Check-In help

Allow to check recent guest status with a simple click on corner button across all devices.

Live Seating Plan Display

Impress your guests with jcheckin smooth, high-tech check-in process - no printed guest lists and messy tables

No Snaking Line with jcheckin is carefully optimized to provide a smooth, intuitive experience for users.

iPads sync seamlessly to the cloud, giving every receptionist the most updated attendance figures.

Add, remove, edit guests and tables from the administrative interface on-the-fly. Changes sync instantly across iPads.

Bring iPads around to register guests, or even set up registration counters at different locations.

We'll set it all up for you - just send us your guest list as a spreadsheet, as late as 24 hours before your event.

What Clients Say

Amelie Peterson

jcheckin saves me time and make guest checking-in become smooth & reliable.
It polished the reception totally and it is worth every penny.

Jone Doe

It is elegant and really help on shorter lines at the door.
Automatic sync for unlimited devices. Make everything well organized.

Jack Austen

It is one of the most user friendly checkin app i have ever seen.
Super easy to work with. That's amazing.


Package in USD

Start at

  • 1 Internal Network (20 ft)
  • 1 Macbook Air (Server)
  • 3 iPads (App)
  • 10-30 Tables


  • Internal Network (50 ft)
  • 1 Macbook Air (Server)
  • 5 iPads (App)
  • > 30 Tables
  • +$100 for an iMac (Seating Plan)


  • Grand Opening
  • Campaigns & Conferences
  • System Customizing
  • Wedding Planner Co-op
  • Event Professional Co-op